Empowerment Credentials

S&G Construction have been awarded a B-BBEE Score of 79.38 (50% Black owned/110% B-BBEE Recognition level) and a broad based procurement recognition level of 3.




“While we are proud of our empowerment credentials, we are first and foremost a partnership by choice, and secondly a BEE company by chance”.


Staff Training

“Training and skills transfer are of paramount importance to the future well being of the company”.


The company continues to inculcate a family business ethic, with both John and Kader’s fathers in the company’s employ. By virtue of their age and experience, David Slingsby and Ebrahim Gaidien contribute significantly in terms of mentorship and skills transferal. And since both trained under the “old apprenticeship system”, they have impressed upon their sons the importance of continuing this valued practice in order to ensure the continuation of generations of craftsmen so desperately needed in the industry.

  • At S&G Construction, carpenters and leading hands have been developed into site foremen and contracts managers, while general workers who show promise are encouraged to develop their bricklaying and carpentry skills.

  • Site managers, safety reps, leading hands and directors are trained as first aiders and have attended construction regulation workshops with regard to the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OH&S) 85 of 1993.

  • Two site managers have successfully completed The Training Academy’s Scaffold inspection programme. Both are now fully qualified to certify and sign over access scaffolds “safe for use” to a maximum height of 60m.

Our Health and Safety Record

“To date Slingsby & Gaidien (Pty) Ltd boasts no serious accidents or fatalities on any of its sites”.

This is largely achieved and monitored by:

  • Adherence to the requirements of the OH&S act 85 of 1993

  • Annual insurance and Public liability on all contracts

  • Subscription to the Building Industries Bargaining Council (BIBC) which governs basic conditions of employment and provides employee benefits.

  • Workmen’s compensation (FEM)

  • Appointments with subcontractors are made ensuring that the above criteria are met and enforced

Having recently completed a course in Operating Regulations for High Voltage Systems, Kader Gaidien is in possession of an NRS 040-3:2002 certificate which qualifies him to access & supervise high voltage electrical systems.